Eight-Year-Old Makes a Difference at Covenant House Missouri

written by Annie Haarmann as a Press Release for Covenant House Missouri published January, 2010

When Ashley Hagan, a third grader at St. Clement of Rome Catholic School in Des Peres heard about Covenant House Missouri, an organization that helps homeless youth, she was inspired to use her creative talents to make a difference.

“Well, sometimes I just think that kids can make a difference,” Ashley explained. “I like helping people with things that we have that they need. Some things they might need are coats so they don’t freeze in the winter.”

On the day before Thanksgiving, Ashley and her mother, Tricia Hagan went to Covenant House to help serve lunch and decorate a Christmas tree for the residents. The experience touched Ashley and she decided to raise money for Covenant House.

“After we helped that day, she came straight home and started working on a raffle box,” said Tricia. “She did all of the work herself and sold the raffle tickets on Thanksgiving Day to our family and friends for 25 cents each.” Ashley also sold raffle tickets to her father’s co-workers.

Ashley made Christmas ornaments and drew Christmas pictures to use as prizes in the raffle. Ashley’s raffle for Covenant House even inspired her five-year-old sister, Lauren to donate $2 of her own allowance to the cause.

“It was very important to Ashley that she gave them the money before Christmas because she wanted to make sure that the kids there could get presents,” said Tricia.

In the end, Ashley’s raffle raised $54.77 for Covenant House, which she presented to Beth Moritz, Director of Development, on December 22, 2009.

“We were very impressed that one girl took it upon herself to make a difference in the lives of the youth here at Covenant House. Every donation makes a difference, and in Ashley’s case, she gave us some inspiration too,” said Sue Wagener, Executive Director.

About Covenant House Missouri:

Covenant House Missouri was established in 1998. It provides services to homeless, runaway and at-risk youth between the ages of 16-21 with open hearts and open doors. Without a stable home or support system, young people drop out of school and end up totally unprepared for the workplace. Homelessness can lead to poverty, crime and drug abuse. Covenant House Missouri provides hope to homeless teens.